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"Hi, I am Steve and I live in Marple, Nr Stockport in Cheshire, England. I am a retired Aircraft Design and Publications Engineer.

I have, for the past 10 years, been a Lecturer and demonstrator in Drawing and Watercolour Techniques. I started painting 26 years ago when I joined the Society of Marple Artists, a family of friends who have shared their love of art to all.

In the evenings, after shift work, we would draw and paint at the Quarry Bank Mill at Style, Cheshire.
  One evening in 1984 I was approached by the director of the Mill. He was organising an Edwardian fair and wanted a Silhouette artist. I searched the North of England and found no one, so for the day, I became a Silhouette artist and painted profiles of visitors to the fair.
By the end of the day I was invited to do more at local school fairs and Folk Festivals. I then started my research into Shades of the past. I am now an active member of the Silhouette collectors club and am pleased to see its popularity growing.

If any of you saw a series of programs 'Classic Collectibles' on SKY TV you may have seen me at Lyme Hall, Stockport, Cheshire where I cut the Silhouette of Alison Keenan the Presenter and shared some of the history of this dying art. If you missed me, in my ten minutes of glory, here's a second chance to find out about this fascinating subject; which has certainly changed my life.
  Today, the art of Silhouette is being revived by a handful of profile artists as shown in this photo, from an event we all attended.

Without drawing, using only a pair of scissors and black paper your head and shoulder portrait can be cut in about one minute. Using only hand and eye coordination an accurate profile can be cut out of paper."